Konstantinos Karypidis

A genius illusionist that can transform you and your goals!

Kostantinos Karypidis is who you want to talk to when you are stuck, when you want to achieve the “impossible” and when you want to accelerate!

He is an entrepreneur and consultant.  The purpose of his life as he says is to enhance the well-being of people around him through his writings, ideas, lectures and the business ventures he gets involved with. He works with individuals and corporations to get results and to change their mind-set! A super talented speaker with charismatic skills that will change your world!

We thought it would be better to get his point of view being an expert in psychology and behaviour…


What does passion mean to you?

Passion means not wanting to go to sleep late at night and being incredibly impatient to wake up early in the morning.

How important is it to have passion for our work/startup?

Passion is kind of a fuel for every work. It is an element you have to put in, in order for something to fructify. Ongoing and never-ending passion is possibly the passport to potential success. Success is a multivariate concept…  Nobody knows whether you will achieve it or not. Nevertheless, without passion, anyone knows that you won’t achieve anything.

Being an expert in psychology, coaching, motivational speaker etc., what makes a successful entrepreneur?

Huge dreams, clarity and the willing to put in 10 or 20 times the effort he/she thinks that is needed to make things work out. Ridiculously extreme amounts of action are needed to make things work out the way you want.

Is there something one can do when they fall and lose their passion? 

Multiply their action by 20. Action creates momentum. Massive action, is inherently loaded with passion.

His tips for young entrepreneurs…


Nothing ever works out the way you want. Period.

  • Dream whatever you want and then multiply it by 20.
  • Find out the amount of action you need to put in, so to make the “20x Dream” of yours, come true.
  • Take that amount of action and multiply it by 20. You just created a realistic action plan.
  • Start working now!


And his motto couldn’t be anything else than T.S. Eliots: Only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go.”