Kostapanos Miliaresis

The entrepreneur with a startup that makes volunteering into fun!

How many people know their true calling from a young age? And how many people do something about it? Well Kostapanos Miliaresis from Glovo has done just that!

As a scout he learned to set goals and to achieve them, to collaborate, to have a cause and to be in a team… He always volunteered and had fun at it too! If you meet him, he has the face of a volunteer who will do his best to cheer you up! His friends and family must be lucky to have him around!

He has volunteered for many events, among many in the Olympic games, Special Olympics and even in Taiwan as a teacher! He says specifically in Taiwan and through volunteering he learned what teamwork actually means and how he put his team before his “Ego” …

So as a volunteer with a goal-driven scouting character, he realized that the organizations and events that used volunteers didn’t give out specific rules and lacked training for the volunteer, so as a result the volunteers would “waste” their time and wouldn’t get the right feedback. Glove is his passion to provide happenings and organizations with trained volunteers and at the same time fun and experience for the volunteers!

And guess what? For those of you who think you have to have a team in order to follow your dream and start your startup… You don’t! He actually met his team in a startup contest and in 52 hours they managed to pull out Glovo! Wow!

So today Glovo has over 7000 registered trained volunteers and have given their service to many big events, such as EXIT Festival and MAD music awards! And besides their paying clients they also provide free of charge their services to NGO’s! And last but not least, Glove is making a change in its society by bringing more people in to volunteering, as 55% of their registered members are volunteering for the first time!

So what does an entrepreneur mean for Kostapanos: to see a problem and not to complain about it but instead find a solution. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

What are his tips for us?



Don’t be afraid, anything is better than nothing,

The more you take out your ego, the faster you will move forward,

There are a lot of people out there that will support you, especially when you have passion for it!

And remember when you fall… You are not alone… every founder has been there and doesn’t know the next steps… but it’s all happening for good reason! Have faith! Just do little things that make you happy to keep you going!


And his motto: No excuses! There are no problems… but only challenges!