Kostas Saridakis and George Arfaras

A successful friendship with a successful startup!

Do we believe in fate? Would we like to believe in fate or would we like to feel life is what we make of it? What do say about two people with different backgrounds meeting in university but loose contact with each other after graduating, only to end up working by chance in the same consulting company and start a startup together?

George Arfaras and Kostas Saridakis, from their time in University always talked about having their own business with freedom of choice, freedom of management, freedom of will in their jobs. Their paths got separated finishing University and lost contact with each other. After a couple of years, to their surprise, they found themselves working at the same large consulting company. And their thoughts and believes hadn’t changed. So after having worked for a good period of time and gaining broad experience in many industries, but also having seen each other’s skills and working style, George and Kostas started their own consulting business. Somewhere in that period, trying to reserve a table at a restaurant, they come up with the idea of online reservation platform, e-table! They designed and established their startup, taking steady and well thought through steps make it impossible to fail! At first they funded their startup working full time as consultants and later on when they got their hands dirty and learned everything there was to learn about their platform and its possibilities, they found investment and took e-table to a whole new level!

e-table is an innovative online service that helps users to find restaurants and make reservations online easily and quickly, 24/7. The service is totally free, does not require credit card and guarantees exclusive privileges and discounts to its users. And is the only platform of its kind in Greece. They also have a social impact through this so wonderful platform, as the more you use it you collect points and the points are translated into euros and you can donate it to organisations through e-table or ofcourse use it on a restaurant for yourself!

Kostas and George are two entrepreneurs with great foresight and persistence… they have it all and they are unbeatable together! Despite their consulting background, which had a strict and “boxy” management style, they are super cool founders and have created a great atmosphere in their offices with free and creative thinking…

Their advice for young entrepreneurs…


George: know that the road is long and you need to commit to your idea-dream and get out there and research and listen, listen, listen.... and never give up!

Kostas: don’t go out there looking for a job… create your own!