Kyriacos Kyprianou

An entrepreneur moving head strong and leaving no space for doubts!

How important is self-confidence and self-belief? And how important is it when you are an entrepreneur? Well, being an entrepreneur half of my life, I would say maybe the most important skill one should have… But of course, it’s not easy to start a startup in a foreign country and in the fast lane such as digital marketing! Well, Kyriacos Kyprianou is not afraid of anything! He has incredible drive and belief in himself and his goals! When you meet him, you feel right at home with him and feel that here is an entrepreneur I can trust who will follow through and deliver! A trait, few 28-year-old people poses!

Born in Cyprus into a family with their own business in UK and Cyprus, Kyriacos followed the right steps up the ladder. With studies in Business and MSc in Marketing in the UK, he stayed there and for a short while he took part in their family business in properties, while back in his home country the economic crisis had started. But instead of working at a “safe” job in their family business, he decided he had to go his own path! Having participated in one of Googles digital marketing courses, he felt he was ready to test the waters and be an independent digital marketing consultant. And he did without any second thoughts, and we all know that solid knowledge from the best and believing in yourself can only result in success! Having worked for a year as a freelancer, Kyriacos Kyprianou and his partner Mike Charalambous, believing that there was a gap in online advertising, they established their startup Frenzi Media. A revolutionary way to interact with brands! Frenzi Media is the fastest and easiest platform for Brands to build and distribute engaging ads across different publishers, as you can make an interactive banner and publish it in only 20’! They have a wide range of online publishers making it easy to access the world and find new customers through a fun way.

Kyriakos Kyprianou is serious about his work and has not doubt in his mind of his skills and his potential to succeed! Talking with him was like there is no room for doubts and “maybe’s” … His super adorable smile is his second strong skill, as he just makes it irresistible too say no to him!

And his tip for young entrepreneurs:


Stay Focused… as there are many everyday challenges that may cloud your goals… so put everyday goals and look at your end vision to keep you on the right track!