Lynn Roulo

The free spirit spiritual teacher, coach, party girl with a beautiful smile!

Lynn is the person we would all love to have as a friend, and as our guide to our pure self! She is like a white Arabian horse that just looking at her brings you at peace and gives your heart wings!

She wasn’t always this person! Having independence was always tremendously large in her mind, when she was 18 and thinking what major to choose, she wasn’t thinking what she liked but what would be the fastest way to give her independence! So she chose economics as her major, believing that would get her a ticket to her freedom the fastest! But soon after she realized she didn’t really like it and wasn’t so good at it! Later on she found out that she was good at accounting… and that’s how she started her life… High-tech consulting in the booming period of startups and later on the CFO of a venture capital…

She is one of the very few people that climbed the ladder very fast and lived the “American dream”, the expensive life style in California and gave it all up to pursue a path that made her shine inside out!

Through a difficult break up she learnt about kundalini yoga, and without realizing it a new world opened up to her… she found her true self! At first teaching homeless shelters alongside her consulting business!

In 2012, working lesser as a consultant and more at a kundalini teacher, she felt a calling to go to Greece, where she had never been to before!

I met her just last year… having practiced kundalini yoga before with different teachers, I thought that Lynn would be just another teacher! So a friend of mine insisted in going to her class and so I did! I will tell you one thing: There is no one like her! She is simple, pure, helpful, down to earth and someone that doesn’t judge you! You know what she says in her classes as we are doing the kriyas (exercises)? “Don’t judge yourselves… congratulate yourselves on your honest effort”!!! That for me is a true “spiritual teacher”!

But she doesn’t just practice kundalini yoga, but also she is an Enneagram specialist! If you don’t know about it or haven’t found out what type you are, please do! For me and almost all the people who have done the test and know their type, it’s truly been a life changing experience!!!

She has truly touched my life and has helped me in so many ways! And everyone who has met her! You can’t get enough of her! She is also the ultimate party person… she has tremendous energy and the gift of laughter that makes everyone open up and flourish just by being around her!

If you don’t already know her, then get online and send her a message! She has so much to offer you, from donation based kundalini yoga classes to enneagram type test and super cool parties in here beautiful house looking right at the Parthenon!   

Her message to the world…


The meaning of our life is to be ourselves and everything we need to be happy is within us! Just by breathing deeply through our nose 3 minutes a day makes us  happier and much more positive!