Magy Kontou

The founder of an app that every hotel should use for customer loyalty and more!

Usually when you talk to young entrepreneurs and startups you hear a lot of “I know it all attitude” and you find them running all over the place with ideas, goals and mainly trying to find investment… but not Magy Kontou! With both feet on the ground, she admits that she and her team besides the money they need mentoring and the know-how of their investor to move forward! She is a hard-working, funny, passionate and smart entrepreneur that takes steady steps but is here to change the hospitality sector!

At the age of 19 she started with one of her college buddies, Leonidas Kanellopoulos, a software solution company SimpleApps (www. and soon after their startup, tourismart! A mobile app that gives hotels the chance to meet their clients before they actually arrive and to start building customer loyalty by providing them information, reservations in their restaurants, spa’s etc. and so much more!

They have won 8 startup awards and just got included in Fortune Greece’s 40under40 list! Well done guys!

When you meet Magy, you feel you have known her for a long time! She has that team spirit that makes you feel wanted and makes you feel motivated with her cool and fun character! For her everything is possible, with hard work! She is constantly learning and is not afraid of the unknown! Even though she says she wasn’t born an entrepreneur and has a technical background, she definitely got me voting for her!

She says that her most valuable skills are her patience and her hard working spirit! She specifically says: I am not a business wiz but I dedicate a lot of time in learning and research and with hard work I get there…

Asking her to give tips for young entrepreneurs, she surprised me with her answer… she said


When you graduate college, instead of looking for a job at a company your best option is to get a job with a startup! Cause things move fast and you exchange a lot of hats and you get to learn all the departments to know what best suites you! So as a result in a less than a couple of years you will be ready to start your own startup and excel at it!