Making waste bottles into bags and helping indian families!

Generation Generous was founded in response to a need. Natasha Marie Athanasiadou, the founder, envisaged the brand following her personal experience after a trip to Mumbai, India where she encountered people living in extreme poverty with little or no access to basic life needs. Wanting to help, she created a truly generous company that would help people in need and at the same time maintain strong ethos towards working conditions, care for the environment and unique fine style.

Generation Generous is an innovative brand that designs bags made of recycled plastic, offering part of its sales to help people access basic life needs. The bags are inspired by the traditional paper bag often provided by stores to carry purchased shopping items. Instead of paper, the brand uses a custom-made great textured sustainable faux-leather fabric coming from 100% recycled plastic bottles (R-PET). The bottles are recovered from landfill or waste. Once they have been cleaned, scraped and melted, they are transformed to recycled yarn which makes the fabric. Both the bag itself and the Generation Generous signature inside label come from R-PET fabrics. The bags are unisex, durable and timeless. The brand partners with non-profits who cultivate the development of self-reliability within the supported communities, and help more people towards a better tomorrow.


With every bag you buy, the money provides 100 school children with clean drinking water for one whole year, at one of the remote villages that 1001 fontaines operates in Cambodia with the “Water in School” program.