Makis Meintanis

The coach with the eyes of a hawk, the heart of a caring father and the spirit of a motivating leader!

I will never forget the passion I saw in the eyes of Makis Meintanis, the men’s volleyball coach of Markopoulo! Ofcourse you would say most coaches are… but not like him! He was at all times at his feet, looking at the score board every minute, motivating his team non-stop… I could feel he wanted to get inside and play side by side with his boys! And at the end they managed to move up a level after 1 year of hard work!

I asked him what makes a great coach? He said that’s it’s the ability to understanding what your players are about, what they can do and to take them there! And not what a he or she wants and therefore the players have to achieve it! So no ego and self-agenda!

Makis was a volleyball player himself for almost 20 years! Playing in many categories and a few years in 2 different national teams. And alongside with his passion he also was gym teacher in private schools.

He is truly a gifted coach, modest and humble, giving everything he can for his players! When you meet him you feel right away that you are in a presence of a committed and compassionate “father” … a person that you can rely on, a true gentleman! He also has a deep love for animals, as he says if he was going to choose another path it would a life with dogs and horses!  

Also you may call him a true “Greek Lover” (in the good sense ofcourse!) As he has married 3 times and is in good terms with all of them! He is a passionate man with passion for a good life! He says: “my friends tell me how can you manage all you do? And I tell them when you are old and siting in a chair and they ask you to narrate your life… your whole life can be told in 10’! But mine will take for weeks!”

Last but not least I asked him, how he motivated his team…


At our final game, in the locker room, I told them: “I am not going to tell you how to play or your opposing players tactics! I want you to give emphasis to the team’s fist-bump! It has a huge power! A power of unity and team! So don’t just do it because you are used to it, but do it for the team with passion and respect!