Marcelo Angelo Ochcas

Developer… Photographer… Philosopher… a seeker in every way and everything!

It’s not very often that I get astound by a young person almost half my age… yes, I am that old! :) I mean what is there to expect from one when at such a young age he has all the needed skills and more to succeed? Marcelo Angelo Ochcas has it all… and I mean ALL! He has very high IQ and EQ, all the social skills you need, great foresight, extra polite, logic but also super creative, kind and helpful and with a great driving force to get to the top and as fast as possible… and not realizing how cool he is already! He has such eagerness to “squeeze” out all knowledge from everyone and everything he can and very thankful in return! He says his professors would look and turn away when they saw him coming, as he would be at their office eager for more any chance he got! :)

Marcelo Angelo Ochcas is very different from what you expect from an IT-Developer… as usually developers are good in what they do and just that! I know it’s a cliché but kinda true! How many developers do you know who can also design the graphics themselves? Or how many developers do you know who have business and entrepreneurship also very high on their list? Ok some do… How many developers do you know who have psychology and philosophy skills and love to talk and improve themselves? Or have people skills, love photography, cars and speed as a hobby, love animals and have faith in religion and believe me there are so much more to him than you can imagine! Well, I sure met the first one today!

He started coding from age 13, taking after his uncle who loved technology. Always wanting more in all stages of his life, he always has been one or more steps ahead of his community and ahead of his age group and always top of his class. Through and after University, besides volunteering, he has worked remotely for many companies worldwide as an application and gaming developer. Today, he together with a friend, they are working on two new projects that besides innovative are also super useful… just a small peak… a super safe Linux based phone and an app that will find likeminded people near you and ready for you to connect with… that’s all, no more spoilers!

My favorite thing about Marcelo Angelo is, his beautiful and kind spirit… He spoke very dearly of his parents and how important their support has been for him but also their faith in him has given him strength to always push for more. His gratitude to the people who have supported him, whether just providing him with knowledge or information, is truly touching!