Michael Kalfagiannis

The action man who is all about creating values!

Michael Kalfagiannis is a “rich man” … rich with experiences! He is one of the few who has carved the path to take him exactly where he wants… a non-stop leader! He has a positive attitude and everything he does, turns into a success! He has the talent to talk about many different topics simultaneously, but only to bring it down to the point he wants to express… Michael besides many things, is a philosopher… he has spherical knowledge and knows exactly what to say and whom to say it to…

Michael’s parents have great admiration for music and he says that many times they would wake up in the morning with loud music in their house… He says he is grateful that his parents besides many things they introduced him and his brother to music and computers from a young age. Michael grow up playing music and signing for friends and family and till this day he has been playing as a Dj in many clubs and events through one of his companies, Easy Party, and he is quite the name in the exclusive circles! Besides his love and passion for music, he is a great basketball player too, having played in different teams and still plays with friends. Michael Kalfagiannis with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, has tried and succeeded in many jobs in different industries such as mechanical engineer in shipping, quality control manager, music director in TV shows, event organizer… Today, besides easyparty, together with his friend and business partner have a business and investment consulting company, Forward Consulting.

Michael Kalfagiannis loves details and knows how to interpret them too! He has a huge genuine smile with a great sense of humor… Talking with him is like a journey in the past-present and future! Be aware not to plan anything after your meeting with him, as you will fall in love with his brains and thoughts and you might miss your next appointment because you just can’t get enough of him and he has so much to tell you, from philosophical issues to core business investment! He is the consultant who will get you in the game and get you winning with the first step!


And he lives by the moto:


Don't try to Rule the world, Rule yourself first