Myrsini Margariti

Dear Soprano angel…Fly me to the moon and let me be!

As I am writing this beautiful story, my soul is flying outside my body in beautiful colourful lands… my brain is making so many synapsis creating so many ideas… my stomach is full of colourful butterflies, as I am listing to the breath-taking voice of the Soprano, Myrsini Margariti! An angel on earth, dressed in simple cloths, looking ordinary and human… As she is so down to earth and makes everything sound so simple! Unlike many artists and especially stage performers, Myrsini is a woman with open arms and believes in the whole… not wanting to stand out and stress her individuality and significance in front of her stage!

The beautiful soprano always had love for music and singing, taking after her father as he was a chanter with a unique voice as she says. But only through very hard work and persistence has she managed to perfect her voice! Having a lovely voice in opera is not enough… as it has many technics to have such an output. She started out studying musicology in the University of Athens and violin in national conservatory, but soon she realized that it was her voice that would fulfil her dreams. So, she continued her education at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, completing two Master’s degrees with the highest honours! She was granted with the “Alexander Onassis Foundation” and the “Juergen Ponto Stiftung” Scholarship, and worked for a few years in the Opera of Halle in Germany.  

Myrsini has performed in an incredible amount of festival and opera halls as a solist and in opera plays in Greece, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico, England, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands! Also, she has her own interpretations of classical and known pieces and also has released a 6 CD’s and the 7th on the way. She sang in the official opening of the Greek Presidency in Bozar, Brussels. In 2014 she had her debut in the BBC Proms with Armonia Atenea under George Petrou.

Myrsini Margariti has a spirit of a young girl who gets fascinated with new things… as she falls in love with each music she listens to and preforms…sees beauty in everything and everyone! She is a woman to love… she says her work and her voice don't define her… but her family does! And that’s the reason she is so down to earth… we, her fans, are lucky for this as we get to “fly through the clouds” instead of her, listening to her heart-soul-mind blowing voice!