Nasos Papadopoulos

From graphic design to spiritually healing and transforming negative to positive!

Most of use a few of our senses… and from all senses, the one we use the most and the one that we depend on, is our vision or our eyes! And that’s what is keeping us from evolving and elevating… we just believe our eyes and leave out all the other senses and most importantly, our heart and instincts… our “gut feeling”! But there are people like Nasos Papadopoulos who have denied “seeing is believing” and have deep connection with everything that links us to this earth and things that most can’t see nor smell nor touch etc… His face is so bright, full of inner and outer light and a huge smile that lights up the place! He is a seeker and a believer… a man who fights the darkness by spreading love and light instead!


He says he always believed in metaphysics and our life beyond what we see! Nasos started out as a graphic designer and till a few years that was his day job and expressed his creative nature through it. He moved to Cyprus in 2004 without knowing anyone or his next move, but as a beautiful spirited person he is, he soon was working and designing for many huge music events. A few years while visiting his parents in Greece, his father was diagnosed with a last stage cancer and passed away in less than aa month. Things like this have huge impact on our lives, sometimes good and sometimes bad! Nasos found peace by believing that everything happens for a reason and started to research for the causes of cancer… He released that all the cables and satellites in our homes have a tremendous negative impact in every aspect of our lives. And that when he found the world of orgonites. Orgonites are in simple words, are like sponges that turn negative fields in to positive and cleaning the aura around us and inside us. Orgonites improve our lives drastically physically, emotionally and spiritually! For the past years besides making orgonites but also healing and purifying people and their living spaces in Cyprus where he is situated, but also he is invited by people in Greece, as there aren’t many with his powers and gifts. He is also the first to produce orgonites in Cyprus, as making them isn’t just about putting the materials together, but it’s about the peace and love that you put in them…


I have met many who call themselves “Gurus” in the world of coaching, therapy and spiritual healing… and Nasos Papadopoulos doesn’t fit in that group; as besides not calling himself that nor implying it, he is very down to earth and open, admitting his weakness’s...after all he is human and super cute and cuddly! Most important of all, he accepts everyone as they are, believing that everything and everyone has their beauty…and by actually doing something about it through promoting therapist and healers through his lovely portal, The Therapy Wave!