Natalia Kritsali

A young and dedicated entrepreneur saving lives through “Bloode” platform!

Natalia Kritsali is a young woman with a gentle and kind face… when you first see her, you notice her delicate features and soft voice… but as you listen to her, you get amazed by her passion and strong will power! Natalia has a generous heart, concerned with solving big humanitarian issues providing viable solutions! And she is only 22!

She said two things shaped her character: one, as a child and a young teenager when she wanted something from her parents and nagged about it, her mother would take her to less fortunate children and she would understand… and two, having attended the Athens College high school, a private school, it gave her the freedom of expressing her talents and being able to concentrate on the things she wanted to pursue! And when you are growing in this kind of environment then only great ideas can be born! Bloode came to her and her friend, when her friend’s grandparent was hospitalised and needed blood and they had a hard time providing it… She says: “I couldn’t understand why there should be a shortage of blood and why people don’t give blood, when all we have is blood?!” So what is Bloode? It’s a platform for finding blood, but also an NGO aiming to educate the public in making a habit of donating their blood! In less than two years Natalia and her team, Panagiotis Sfikas and Alexandros Sotiropoulos, have over 2,500 blood giving volunteers whom 80% of them had never given blood before!

Natalia Kritsali has a down to earth character with realistic goals and vision! She says that in the beginning they did everything wrong… they also started out with big dreams in taking Bloode in no-time global and live the “startup dream”! But she is glad that they had the chance to do everything wrong… because they learned it the hard way and now they take one but sure step at a time in changing the future!