Nestor Kopsidas

Get hypnotised by the mysterious actor, have fun and get to know yourself through him!

Nestor Kopsidas is the man with the hypnotic eyes and the deep and strong voice who knows exactly how to control it too! Like a mountain of positive and deep energy and power! I am the observer and alert kind of person who has awareness of her environment and all that is going on in the background… but with Nestor it was almost impossible to lose eye contact…! I was happily in his spider web! He is a kind of person you would want to have as a friend and as he says, he has many good friends too! Who wouldn't want to have a friend like him; super fun, music and party lover, genuine, open and free of boundaries, great listener and a food lover!

Nestor Kopsidas is from the beautiful island Kerkura (Corfu)… and he loves everything about it and is very proud of it! Raised in Athens, he studied in the respected drama school, Karolos Koun, and he tells me that he always wanted to be an actor and he adds that “even though it sounds very cliché”! But believe me, nothing about Nestor is a Cliché! He is a person who really does as he pleases and cannot fit in any kind of rule or box! Besides his acting, who he is a respected one and has participated in many plays, is using also his gorgeous voice in many commercials and voiceovers! In 2016, wanting to mix food and cultures he came up with the idea for a TV program to get to know foreigners and their cultures who are living in Athens by cooking with them in their homes! What a beautiful idea!

What is amazing about him, is that even though he is a known actor and usually actors are in majority very much concerned with their image and talk about themselves, I probably did most of the talking! I had to squeeze out his achievements and all that he does! Nestor is very keen on getting to know you and anything that concerns fun, music, travelling, food and culture definitely gets his attention! So please don’t let his serious picture fool you… this picture is from one of his plays, as it happens quite the opposite… since he usually plays the bad guy in his plays!!!