Nikolas Theodorou

A Business Strategist & Corporate Trainer that inspires Human Change & Evolution and Transforms Individuals, Teams & Businesses!

I always have great respect and admiration for “life changers”! And by that, I mean people who have the guts to change their life 180 degrees, leaving a comfortable and “easier” life for a path – a calling with an unknown future, full of every day challenges! But these challenges are also very beautiful and very creative, and that’s the road Nikolas Theodorou has chosen! A high flyer senior executive with hardcore knowledge of business economics, supply chain, operations & finance, sales, strategy etc… totally transformed his life and himself to a follow a calling of transforming others with applied and tested business consulting, coaching and training!

Nikolas Theodorou with a B.Sc. in business economics and M.Sc. in international Finance, starter his career in several senior regional posts within Royal Dutch Shell, working his way up managing regions covering the Americas, Asia and much in between while his posts held executive positions in Energy (Fossil & Renewable), Technology, Shipping, and Investment Funds. Building a very strong CV at Royal Dutch Shell he moved on working in senior positions for different shipping companies. At some point Nikolas working 24/7 he needed to get in touch with himself and his purpose in this life, following many self-development steps. Today Nikolas is a fully certified NLP Master Practitioner and is the founder and managing director of EQnomics (short for Electro-Quantum-nomics), a consulting & advisory organisation that actively facilitates, and contributes to, the enhancement of the calibre, purpose and process of Education and, the proliferation of strategy, effectiveness, organisational wholeness, professionalism, and excellence in business.

Before I met Nikolas in person, during our phone and SMS conversations, I was under the impression I was going to talk with a super fun coach (as he is extra fun to talk with) and kinda knew what to expect! But when I actually met him, besides a man with a great sense of humour and a super friendly spirit, I came across a REAL PROFESSIONAL… a man with hands-on experience and great Knowledge – Know-how on humans and organizations! A professional who whatever he says is backed up with facts and scientific knowledge! He is polite and kind, respectful, punctual, responsible, precise, a man of his words, and my favourite part… a real family man! He must have mentioned his family a dozen times and how grateful he feels having them in his life! He is the man to talk to for talking you and your business to its highest! And his advice for us:


We must unlearn what we know and learn to believe in cooperation and constant change;
What seemed as a straight line from A to B was actually a zig-zag course of change, feedback and correction to the final destination. To our objective, target and vision.
We must therefore learn HOW to define WHY we change and also HOW to constantly materialise OUR transformation to becoming the healthy, confident and excellent unit that we have decided to be. As a father of two, it is a daily marvel to witness this process of acquiring skills, attitude towards life and character!
You see, it takes brilliant units in order to exist as meaningful citizens, couples and parents or dynamic professionals that create and lead themselves, winning teams and profitable enterprises!