Nikos Niotis

Your resourceful transformation and revelation life coach!

When you first meet Nikos Niotis, you see a tall, charming, super stylish, dressed in “perfection” down to the smallest detail… in one word: Elite!

But when you talk with him you get this warm feeling that you are at a presence of a “Holy” person! One of the most open hearted men I have met… kind, pure, thoughtful, patient and with tremendous compassion!

He started his career in one of the largest cement producing companies in the region, managing 70 people, and later on as a commercial manager and general manager in different companies. Throughout his business career he kept getting a calling and different signs to stop what he was doing and to take time off exploring himself and his purpose in life!

But when you are used to a life of routine and comfort, it’s very hard to stop it and acknowledge your other side – your true calling!

So having started some personal growth seminars, he says: “I realised that I was out of money! Oh gosh, what is that?” ... he continues: “And that was the most important seminar of my life! Not having all the materialistic things in my life, made room for me to find who I was and my strengths! And that gave me tremendous will-power!”

He went through a few years of true “survival” as he says, living in very difficult circumstances he managed to transform himself and get in touch with his heart! “we are very strong when we listen to our heart and soul! Acting on our true feelings, everything becomes crystal clear! Your fears and barriers turn into exciting challenges and everything is possible!” he says.

After becoming a certified coach in order to get practice and test himself, he spent a few years coaching for free many potential clients and I guess that was it! The time I spent interviewing him actually felt like I had been in several coaching sessions… Lucky me!

But he isn’t just the classic “life and business coach”, as he uses his many expertise such as the science of numerology and Theta healing to ignite the transformation in his coachees! He is a very resourceful professional, in constant search of new methods and know-how to elevate himself and his clients.