Nikos Ververidis

A self-made entrepreneur with a non-stop passion for creating and innovating!

I have never met a person like Nikos Ververidis! There is nothing he can’t do or hasn’t already done!

Born in a very poor family after a miracle, living his childhood in poverty in a very small house with 5 family members and in a far from civilisation neighbourhood in Thessaloniki, Nikos Ververidis is himself a miracle… a self-made entrepreneur with extraordinary will power and genius! He is really fun to be around, down to earth, kind hearted and as a result a great leader to his team were he is super loved and admired!

But there is someone else you need to know about… his father! A super forward thinker and a very dedicated father who is one of a kind even nowadays! He says his father worked day and night to send him and his two sisters to the best private school in Thessaloniki and the whole of Greece! And that’s not all… he wanted to give his son besides the best possible education that he himself never had, hands-on experience as soon as possible! So Nikos from 6th grade spent 2/3 of his summer holidays working! Working in many different jobs, such as waiter, boy for errands in different shops and businesses, even as a loan shark assistant!!! But ofcourse he gained tremendous and valuable experience at a very very young age!  He says that he found out many years after that his father was actually paying his wage instead of the employers, in order to give Nikos a chance at such a young age! Isn’t that amazing?! And there’s more… every Sunday for many years his father would take the three of them to visit the jails, nursing homes for the elderly and mental institutions for them to talk with them, keep them company and to give them chocolates, cigarettes and other goodies! What amazing experience! And I am cutting the story very short, because if I wrote his biography it would definitely be a best seller!

Nikos started his entrepreneurial life in his last year of school! In May 1988 he establishes his first company with wood machinery and products, a business his father had started… he also attended university alongside his business! After a few years he realized that he wanted a more challenging and entrepreneurial job… but also being a “ladies man” he says that 99% of the people involved in his business sector were men!!! So he changes 180 degrees and finds all he wants in the Arts and culture and media sector! 

Cutting a very long but fascinating story short, Nikos Ververidis in a few years masters the sector and becomes THE MAN in anything to do with exhibitions, arts, culture, media productions, even politics and invests in many other businesses alongside! And in his 31 years he had all any man could ever want! Money, connections, women, fame, parties…he had everyone and everything at his feet! But also he took really good care of his parents and shown them a comfortable life that they hadn’t lived before…

And that’s when he thought to himself: is this it? is this what life is about? So he decides to start his life over and sell all he could and come to Athens only to climb back up the ladder. He established and again many other successful media productions. But also which is a sustainable-business education and incubation program for startup companies operating in Greece. And so much more!

His dream is to make a foundation in the name of his parents, where it will have an educational and nurturing cause to support children in need! He wants to give children what his parents gave him and his sisters sacrificing everything they had!!!