Pamela Caravas

The non-stop smiling coach that has the power to transform your brain!

Pamela Caravas has all it takes to be the “perfect” coach! She has gone through a lot of hardship and has survived, she is super healthy both in the body and mind, and has the passion to teach and the talent to communicate with her audience! She is truly charismatic and has the heart and soul of a child. Speaks with a constant smile and has the most genuine laugh… she is ethical and doesn’t take no for an answer! And I think the best part of her is that she doesn’t promise happiness nor hope but the ability to start thinking again, consider options and perspectives -  whether they are good or bad! Making her coachees be in charge of their life and decisions!

Pamela has gone through a lot from young age and learned a lot though the hard way. She started her own language school at the age of 22, having worked hard for a few years before. Through an engagement with the wrong man, she says she lost a lot of money and time; so after ending her relationship she worked very hard and decided to open up a second language school only to lose all her money and be left with a huge debt working with the “wrong” accountant this time! She says, “This time I wasn’t at zero point but below zero!”

So she closed down the second school as well and worked as a private tutor saving up money to invest in her self-development studies! In 2005, she discovered coaching and a few years later, when the first coaching course was run in Greece, she was the first to register and was as thrilled as could be! After taking many coaching courses internationally, she realized that she had a talent in profiling people in split seconds… and in 2009, she set up her business. And since then she has successfully coached individuals, businesses, executives, startups, health clubs and has devoted many hours of coaching in front of large audiences. She also has her own Coaching Academy which is certified by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council; and believe me, the list of her qualifications and achievements is very long!

She goes by one belief: “If there is one person that has the ability to pull themselves together no matter what has happened in their life, then I can do it and there are no excuses for me!” When she was in her early 20s she lost her brother in a car accident, causing her and her family great pain and her belief helped her survive… that if her parents could survive and keep going, then she could too! And that’s what makes her so special…

And her message to us is… USE YOUR BRAIN. Find out what you have inside your brain, what its purpose is and how you can use it on a daily basis and NOT rely on hope or luck! Create your own favourable circumstances!