Panos Patakias

Turning the cycles of his life from speed to stamina!

Panos Patakias is a man who is in love with two wheels… from as long as he can remember himself, his passion has been riding a motorcycle! He is one of the few people who have lived their dream, as he ended up working for his dream motorcycle company! Panos is very committed in everything he does, free spirited, loves challenges and is a person that you can depend-on to follow through no-matter how tough the road gets!

Many people have dreams and passion, but they never end up doing them… But not Panos! He started his career landing his first job in a motorcycle magazine in their marketing department, practicing what he had studied in University. Later he moved to Italy working in Aprilia, his dream brand motorcycle! Can it get any better? But the story for Panos Patakias has a twist, as after a merger he left the company and came back to Greece… only to find the economic crisis right in front of him! Struggling in many survival jobs, he managed to clear his mind and come up with his new cycle of life! As he believes that life is a cycle and inorder to find your path you have to clear your mind, get rid of all the “musts” and things to do and get back in touch with nature and environment! And so he did… In 2012 despite the economic crisis, Panos gave all his savings down to the last euro to invest in his new wheels… This time a healthier for the environment wheels, Bicycles!

His shop isn’t the ordinary kind of shop… but more of a community! As you walk inside, you feel you are at home and that you will most definitely get a very high standard service and you will belong in a group of likeminded people. It’s not a give and take relationship but a give-give from him and his people!

He hasn’t stopped there! Panos has also come up with a very tailor made retreat getaways, that give the whole family what they need in terms of activities like yoga, kayaking, culture etc.. but all around mountain bikes! So combining mountain bike retreats with anything you can imagine. And he says that the essence of these retreats is about self-development… As mountain biking is a very tough sport, so in their rides he has coaches and specialists coaching the group and showing them the resemblance of achieving their "bike path goals" with their "real life goals"! Check out for more info!