Paris Andreou

A Wellness Coach who can transform your body and soul in 12 weeks… guaranteed!

As a person, I have always had a tough time accepting “teachers and coaches”… To let someone in and trust them, they must be authentic and be really knowledgeable in what they are teaching… to be ahead of their trend! Now if they have had a tough time getting where they are now, it is definitely a plus for me… as we will also have a common ground! When I came across Paris Andreou, a Greek Online Wellness Coach, his smile and his out-of-the-box thinking but also his spherical, holistic knowledge in health and fitness grabbed my attention! And when the time came for me to let him “coach” me, then I was sure he was the one who could transform me and my body!

Paris was born in a middle-class family of five, and he says he always felt different and somewhat special… He was interested in many things and he knew deep inside he was meant to do great things. As a child, he used to make his own money by selling his comics, renting his Gameboy and selling his handmade mini-slingshots to his classmates! Due to two of his cousins, who he admired, at the age of 15 he started going to the gym and learning martial arts and from then on, his fitness and body became a priority. Alongside his early studies as a Chef, he also got his Fitness Training Certification. He says the Aerobics Instructors at the time seemed like Movie Stars to him… and so without a second thought he left the world of Chefs, and in 2002 he started to work as a Group Fitness Trainer in many gyms but also as a Personal Trainer. From all the different exercise methods, Pilates Matwork was his love. Later on, as a Health and Fitness Director, he worked in international cruise liners, travelling to many parts of the world and training all kinds of people from all age groups and even royalty!

In 2008, he started his own Pilates Studio in Glyfada. After two years of success, the Greek Financial Crisis hit the market. After having spent all of his savings with new debts to the banks, he had to finally close down his Studio in 2013. After that, he was the first to organize the Outdoor Fitness Bootcamps in Athens but also had to stop them in 2015. Going through a very tough period, financially and psychologically, while believing that it was time to find a new path abroad, Paris gave it a last shot and he won! He started training people from all over the world online, though his 12-week Online Transformation Program - FITin30’. From 2015 till today, he has trained and transformed the health and fitness of many people online from all over the world, with huge success stories!

Paris Andreou isn’t just a Personal Trainer, but a well-rounded Wellness Coach. He has so many methods of training for your body and soul! His short, precise training and coaching videos are so much fun and motivating, as if he is actually there with you while you are exercising! He says the right things at the right time and gives you the motivation you need to not stop and keep going! But also through his online group of the program with people participating, he has created something truly unique; a feeling of belonging and that you aren’t alone in your effort!

So, if you have some weight to lose or have a hard time staying fit, you should really try one of his online programs… they will transform your body and state of mind in just 3 short months!