Paris Mexis

The human torch superhero we need in our lives!

Paris Maxis has a burning heart... passion is a small word to express his eagerness and drive! He is like a burning meteorite... not just for his own concerns and life achievements but for his environment and everyone in it! He hits you with his beliefs and isn’t afraid to speak his heart and mind! He is a realist, a philosopher, fighter, motivator, designer, a rebel, a game changer and is super charming! 

As a child he lacked self­confidence and was an introvert... but his life changed drastically when in high school he was found with cancer... he fought and won! But he wasn’t the same person anymore... he started searching and researching for existential issues and one thing he discovered about himself in such a young age was that he loves constant change... evolution and elevation! 

After graduating from high school he chose interior design in college and discovered that for the first time in his life he was good at something! His teachers played a big role in his life because they believed in him. So his career started as an interior designer working for some of architectural firms. But being a person who loves constant change he couldn’t exactly fit in... he says: when you design and build a building it’s there forever or for a very long time which is just as long, with no change. Furthermore if there is flaw in it, it will be there to remind you of your mistake forever.  

Out of a love affair with an actress he came to know scenic & performance design, and was fascinated. He realized that each time he would design a set it would only last for a season or two and it was all over again in another! So he started his career studying scenography in London and working with top scenographers. And after a few years mixing his passion for music... as a result he now directs and designs opera, theatre, dance, cinema and television productions, corporate events, shows and exhibitions all over the world. 

He also works as a creative director, educator and writer for Beetroot, the internationally acclaimed Communication Design Agency and often operates as a design advisor for ROOTLESSROOT Dance Company. 

Paris has gone through a lot of changes and tried many paths to be the person he is today... he has been faced with many difficult challenges and won with flying colours! He is a self­made artist in every sense! 

But for me his best role is being a teacher... besides lecturing in many colleges and universities internationally and being a certified TED­Ed educator, he teaches at AKTO and CGS. He is a true “teacher” as a lot of people teach but not everyone is a teacher! He loves it and is very dedicated to motivate his students by giving them the self­confidence they need to elevate and to follow their passion! 

His message is to be the change ourselves and start by changing the small things in our own life instead of wanting to solve bigger issues in our societies because change starts just by accepting the things as they truly are... We are not one thing only, we need to be open to change and learn to evolve...