Paris Panagiotidis

From bartender… to super successful international entrepreneur with four companies and counting!

I must let you in on a secret of mine, even though it’s really not a secret as you probably have figured me out completely by now, but anyhow I want to share with you my weakness and admiration for polite people! People who have respect for everyone and confront you with a positive smile… just like Paris Panagiotidis! A young man, 28 years old, with experience of a 50-year-old! He faces everything in his life with an enthusiastic attitude and gets his hands dirty and works very hard to achieve his every goal! He is a family man and treats his people with great respect… tall, handsome, funny, a gentleman and with a lovely beautiful woman next him in almost all his endeavours, who she silently admires him and supports him… “his Maria”!

Paris was into basketball as a young boy and as he says, so where top basketball leagues! But I guess sports is beyond hard work sometimes, as our body doesn’t always agree with our choices! After injuring both his knees, he decided to follow a different path, bartending… even though he doesn’t really fit the picture of the tough guy! Again, duo to his father’s health issues he had to take on their family business, Stand Line, a company that provides shelves for retail stores. And he did, with great ease and managed to close big accounts! He felt though that he needed to do more and with no prior experience he got into Stoves, and established, Line Stoves! And again, he managed to excel in that too, finding a way to export to many European countries!

His 3rd idea/company came to him in a “near death experience”, while together with his father and their friend, the captain, decided to take a yachting cruise from Thessaloniki to Mykonos Island! But little did they know that the captain didn’t have much experience in extreme weather conditions! And you would think that after this kind of experience one would never set foot on a yacht or a boat, but not Paris Panagiotidis! As he didn’t only set foot but he was so excited that he got his yachting license! And as if that wasn’t enough he persuaded his whole family and his Maria to also get it!!! Cool ha?! And after taking place in many sailing races and competitions he came up with Euphoria yachting, a company that leases yachts and boats, where he bought his first yacht!

And finally, today aside from all the other companies, he is the CEO of Line Group & Global Service Partner at Alibaba, where they consult and assist you in setting up an account on Alibaba and finding clients and expanding your continental reach! And the extra services they provide through Line Group are completely tailor made! As he is accredited in this innovation and is invited to many Alibaba Service providers worldwide to coach them and speak in front audiences!

Paris Panagiotidis is extremely down to earth… anyone in his shoes would be so much more difficult to reach… more snobbish (if I may) … after having achieved so much in such a young age! But he is extra positive even though as he says, he has had his fair share of failures! But nothing beats his lovely spirit and smile!