Popi Dimitropoulou

A woman who will help you find your own unique successful career path aligned with your strengths and environment!

Talking with a life/business coach isn’t the easiest task, especially when the coach is calm, understanding, not judging and has big green eyes making you feel safe to poor out your heart to! So, as you might imagine, instead of interviewing the beautiful Popi Dimitropoulou, she was listening to my story and giving me a free coaching session! And she was so polite and let me sit back and express myself instead of telling me: Hellooo i am the interviewee!!! :) Which by the way, was extra effective, helpful and found myself calmer and more focused!

As a young girl, she was the spirit of her school and very creative. And quite a rebel I would say, as she didn’t believe in the system of education and taking the Panhellenic exams in order to get accepted in a University! After her School and trying out a private nursery school, she realised it wasn’t for her. So, she found something fun and creative to do and through music; working at a concert organizing company. After 3 years and due to her new born son, she decided it was time to stop moving around and find a more stable career, therefore found a job at one of Greece’s biggest museums. Being a committed and a creative woman, Popi worked her way up, and from selling tickets she was organizing the museum and its events. And while working at the Museum, she elevated herself by successfully entering and completing the bachelor of European civilization at Hellenic open University, plus learning Italian as a third language and all that with two kids … everything is possible, as long as you want it very much!

After 15 years of success at the Museum, Popi Dimitropoulou needed a new fresh path, finding all that she felt she had left behind at her childhood. Leaving a safe and secure environment and looking for a new path, needs a lot of guts! And especially right in the middle of the economic crisis! But she did and today she is a success & career coach, helping out people who wish to find their unique path in life and to be happy while at it. What I really love about Popi is her down to earth nature, not getting you all excited and in time finding yourself even more stuck when faced with the tough reality! She helps you find a secure path that is in line with your strengths and most importantly with your background and the environment you live in!

She says, when we want to start a new path we all have huge expectations, and then comes doubt, disappointment, pain and anger. But we cannot live life without expectations, can we? So, the way up is making steps that give us a safety net and expectations that are viable and in our environmental reach…

So, if you are looking to find your own unique path and are willing to cut out the bubble of excitement out of it, knowing that only with hard work you will reach it, Popi Dimitropoulou is the woman who will be next to you every step of the way!