Prince Erotokritos (Kimionis)

A real caring Prince…A fashion designer making his world a better place… A man who will teach you to take life as positively as you can!

What does seeing the glass half full or half empty mean? I am sure we all have heard of it and have considered which we were, in different periods of time. Is there such a thing as a FULL glass? Now you would answer positively saying that there have been more or less times in your life that it was completely full…right? But could you say that your glass has always been completely full and will be forever no-matter what the situation? What a notion! Today I met a man who can say that! Erotokritos Kimionis, or as he has so successfully branded himself “Prince Erotokritos”, will definitely leave you speechless not being able to close your stunned mouth from amazement! He is the definition of positivity, speaks with love and addresses everyone with loving adjectives, making you feel warm and cuddled.


So why do I call him the ALL TIME GLASS FULL MAN? This is how the story goes… Erotokritos was born in a family where his mother had severe clinical depression. Around when he was about 6months old, his Father decided to take both his sons away from their mother to be taken care of by their grandmother who lived on the Island Crete. He says that he was born to share happiness with everyone and he did; he was quite the persona of his town, being involved as well as being great at everything and with everyone!

Erotokritos is and always has been a man who sets goals and achieves them, without any possible doubt of failure! His story is long and as usual, I only have one page to write! In summary, Erotokritos has been faced with a lot of painful challenges and changes… BUT he never did face them as painful or tragedies as almost everyone else would in his shoes! And what do I mean by tragedies? Losing his first son to cancer! See I used the word losing… he doesn’t and never did see it as a loss; instead a “gift” for him and his family that triggered incredible positive changes in their lives!!! I am sure you are probably confused… and please do not be mistaken by thinking that he didn’t care about his son; As he believed till the last minute that his son would make it after all! But he faced his son’s sickness and passing away as a good omen and a catalyst to open a new positive chapter in their lives! I personally don’t know anyone besides Erotokritos to have show such a tremendous strength and willingness to make life happen!

Erotokritos Kimionis worked at many jobs simultaneously as to support his family and believe me no-matter whom he has worked for, they all have only beautiful memories from him. One of his mentors/employers, as he calls him Mr. George, has written a wonderful letter expressing his gratitude for all that Erotokritos had done during his stay there! Wherever he goes, he flourishes and everyone around him!

After many years of working as an employee in a fabrics shop for his employer Mr. George, he decided it was time to move on to his own fabrics store! And again all that he has done was with great obstacles, that he encountered as opportunities…! His store again flourished and a few years later, started his own super succesful eccentric and style line of clothing “Prince Erotokritos”, designing beautiful creations for men!  


And that’s not all; as Erotokritos is a Crikos, a connector of the fashion industry. His vision is to bring together everyone involved in fashion through love and positivity, while supporting NGO’s and causes! Causes such as helping sick kids charities raising hundreds of thousands to help them get well! People just love him and believe in his causes… What is there not to love; A man who smiles non-stop, who knows he will succeed before he even starts, addresses and speaks to you in the most loving way… he just makes your day shine!