Ria Vogiatzi

Passionate Woman – Passionate Architect – Passionate Mother!

If there was a person resembling search engine that you could input the following words: happy + genuine + successful + beautiful + unique + strong willpower + bold + smart + super mom + talented architect… then only one name would come up: Ria Vogiatzi!!!

She is all that and much more! Ria Vogiatzi has proven that everything is possible… to juggle career and motherhood to its best! She has that positive energy, genuine laugh and down to earth character that makes you feel you have known her all your life…

Ria Vogiatzi always wanted to be a sculptor, but as usual our parents have their special way to show us a different path and so she studied civil engineering and architecture. Started her career right after her University, were she took on a huge project to design and build a new training centre plus football fields for one of Greece’s top FC clubs, AEK! And from then on she never ever lost a project that she put all her passion in it! She is the founder of Elastic Architects, an office of true teamwork among top architects together with her husband! Ria has many fascinating and remarkable stories of how she managed to win over her clients and come up with the best architectural plans among many other architectural offices worldwide!

And an example is with the founder of AMAN resorts, the 7start hotels and villas all over the world, were he has had for many years 5 trusted architectural offices (as he calls his 5 fingers…) and never worked with an outsider! And Ria Vogiatzi with remarkable boldness, audacity and ofcourse hard work, she managed to make her company the No 6th office and gain the trust of the guru among hoteliers, Adrian Zecha!

Ria Vogiatzi says, that it’s all a teamwork and that each and every member of her team has put their signature on every project they work on! She has the talent to make a warm environment around her full of love, fun and energy… as she is a mother of three daughters and is together with her wonderful husband from the age of 18, who has supported her and stood by her! No wonder their dog also wants to be human as he tries to stand mostly on his two feet and loves to sit on a chair when they are all sitting around the table!!!