Roger Harrop

The international business transforming speaker who inspires you to “get on with it”…

What can I say about the amazing motivational speaker Roger Harrop (he says “I am not amazing, I am just a bloke”) … He makes you feel as if you have known him for many years, he is direct and super accessible despite his outstanding experience and long track record of being THE CEO for over 25 years! He speaks his mind in the simplest way that makes you get up and do it… And I am telling you this as I was lucky enough to be in one of his speeches, and he inspired me to do more and thus I learnt from a great man with gray hair the importance of using a very simple technology such as QR coding for better branding…cool ha?  And the truth is that he might have gray hair but he sure has the energy of a teenager!!! And he jokes about his hair by saying he just dyes it to look older than 21! And as you might have concluded by now, he is extremely funny and laughs with his heart making even the toughest CEO’s laugh out loud!

Roger Harrop as a teenager wanted to be a comedian but instead he made 180 degrees turn and studied to be an engineer. Being super ambitious and at a very young age he was the project manager of a big power station in Kenya and from there he moved up to General Management and so the travelling started and the successes came one after the other! He established a publicly traded company in the UK with 14 companies around the world manufacturing in China, Japan and America. At some point being the CEO of a very big corporation, he realized he had started to lose his ambition and was tired of all the travelling and so he resigned. And from then on combining his sense of humor, hands on experience and his talent of motivating a very wide range of people, from small start-ups to multinationals… he is a very successful international business transformational speaker and advisor.

Roger Harrop is all about making business simple and getting results fast! He says that he doesn’t get on with business schools as they are in the business of making “business” complex whereas he makes it simple! Roger has proven that every business has the power to turn arround and make their loss into profit...whether in Ethiopia or in the US! He is really into making a change especially with people who are actually going to do something about it… As he is all about RESULTS and making things happen! Roger that...!