SeaCrets Inspirations: The tasty Secrets of the Mediterranean!

SeaCrets Inspirations is a work shop which was established in 2000 in the region of Messinia-Greece. Its name is a wordplay emerged from, the words “Sea and Secrets” a combination of the Greek blue sea with the secrets of Mediterranean flavors that we love!

Their initial mission was the promotion of the most famous local agricultural products and their by-products in the Greek Market and foreigners and tourists, based on mutual trust, interest and respect for their final consumers, under the principals of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Their collaborations with luxury and boutique hotels and resort in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Ionian Islands, Rhodes and delicatessens in France, Dubai, Holland and Germany only proves that SeaCrets Inspirations products match with exceptional quality services providing a beneficial product for distinguished clients strengthening the promotion of quality Greek brand names allowing guests to have the most “tasty” memories with them, an inspired gift box with full of Greek flavors adopting Hellenic Food Culture Nutrition on a daily basis!

Contact the beautiful Maria Polychronopoulou, owner, for more SeaCrets inspirations!