Sila Papadopoulou

A woman born to be alive… a graphic designer but also your Personal Activator!

There are some people who have the talent to make life easy…who see a pathway when others don’t… People who make lemon juice out of lemons! Sila Papadopoulou is a woman of extremely many talents, when you meet her you can never imagine all the things that she has done…! She speaks with a constant flow in her voice and refuses to talk negatively absolutely in anyway and instead she will find a positive way to go about it! One thing is for sure with Sila; you will never get bored, as she will find a way to help you be alive by doing what you love! Sila will listen to you patiently and try to empower you in her own way. She is almost always dressed in black with red lipstick… she is like a blonde tough rocker on the outside and patient and giving on the inside!    

Sila Papadopoulou was born to be alive! From a youngster she loved to draw and be creative, as she remembers herself drawing on black paper with white pencil! While growing up as a teenager she was a tomboy and excelled in every sport, including winning her schools women’s basketball cup with her team! Her mother being a piano teacher, she was also great at that. From her high school years till she finished college she was teaching piano lessons in a ballet school in the evenings and extra German classes to students! Sila has lived to a full extent in all parts of her life; married 2 times with its ups and downs, she actually became a professional level American billiard player out of boredom with her first husband!!! Her vacations have been to the highest mountains while she has tried and excelled in so many sports that you can imagine: hiking, scuba diving, horse riding, swimming, caving, canyoning etc. And for 3-4 years she became a farmer standing out in that too, growing many vegetables, fruits and supplying her friends and family!

And to say that she had it easy… nope! As Sila has also fought two major health issues… as she says smiling: your life changes when they tell you that you have “something like a Zodiac sign”! But nothing really stops her, not even a bad collaboration that cost her a fortune! As she didn’t just fight back but also managed to keep her company alive no matter what till this day! Besides being a graphic and web designer, Sila Papadopoulou is involved in many projects, such as organizing IT seminars for women, being an active member of a special project, Kallipoli and Athens Spirit Film Festival!

Sila Papadopoulou is what I like to call: an Activator! And what I mean by that is that she will help you see past your problem and focus on what you have, where you can go. And the next thing you know, you are back on your feet going after what you want and in the simplest way; you will rely on your own strength and skills!