Stathis Samantas

A self-made designer who has achieved the “impossible”…

When I met Stathis Samantas it was the second time we had arranged our appointment, since the first time he kind of stood me up as he had completely forgotten about it… and when he realized it, he apologized many times and he said: please I hope you can forgive me and will not keep hard feelings… And I answered him: How can a woman get angry with a shoe designer? If you are a woman you can definitely understand my response, as we have a “holy” relationship with our shoes!!! We ADORE shoes!!! And Stathis Samantas is an artist-designer who understands this relationship and clearly understands women and our passion for shoes!!! (To be completely honest it was that answer or just sending him size 39!!!)

So who is this extremely talented and passionate designer? Stathis wanted to be an architect as a teenager, and if you look closely at his designs you can see a lot of architecture design in his shoes! He realized soon that he was more into design and therfore studied product design instead. But next to his studies he couldn’t stop designing shoes, everywhere he could find he drew away… Stathis is an example of the impossible”; as we all know how difficult, if not impossible, it is to make a name in the fashion and designers industry! In 2006 he participated in the biennale of young designers in the Mediterranean and represented his country and receive the first prize! This experience gave him wings and courage to start taking action and designing shoes for exclusive clients. After few years designing for special occasions and clients, Stathis started to make a collection of his designs and participate in a special event in Milan, Italy, and again received the first prize right in the heart of the house of the best designers of the world!!! He has participated in many catwalks and given his shoes to many designers and many shops. Today Stathis Samantas is a very well-known shoe designer and his shoes are truly a work of art!

Stathis Samantas is authentic, down to earth, super polite, and is one of the few designers who design with passion and express his heart and soul in each and every piece of his work… He designs shoes for women, making them feel feminine, themselves and unique… he understands women and their relationship with their shoes (such a great feeling and relief when talking with a man who can understand shoes and their role in our lives!!!). Stathis Samantas is a self-made entrepreneur-designer who has achieved the impossible… and his answer to how he has done this, is his passion and belief in what he does… his faith! Keep walking and designing!