Stavros Messinis

The man with the “let’s do it” attitude!

How often do you walk in a large building and the founder welcomes you without even expecting you? Stavros Messinis is the passionate entrepreneur who is your “yes man”! And by that I mean that he is ready to jump in and swim 24/7! He is one the most committed and visionary entrepreneur that I have met!

He was born and raised in South Africa and almost 21 years ago he decided to come to Greece and work in the British embassy as their IT Specialist for 17 years! At some point he participated in the Athens Startup Weekend and as he says it was a life changing experience! Wanting to keep that passion of startups and all the innovation happening alive he co-founded for the second time with his partner in life, Maria Calafatis, The Cube.

The cube is more than just a co-working space, it brings together people who are open to new ideas, love innovation and seek change through applicable initiatives. Stavros and Maria together with their team do everything possible for their entrepreneurs and to make them feel like a family! They actually host an event with different speakers almost every day, and all open to everyone!

They know each and every person and have daily interaction with their entrepreneurs helping them solve their everyday challenges! He says: “at every challenge we get together and throw a Hackathon at it to find a solution” …!

Stavros has another side of him… a kindhearted man! He and his team actually devoted a few days to help and to find a viable solution for the refugee crisis in Mytilene… On their way to see for themselves the situation, as they were in the coach they had rented they saw the refugees walking up hill for registration with their children over 50 kilometers! He was disturbed and had to do something about it… he says: “I asked the people on our coach, roughly 60 people, who has a driving license? And who can give 20 euros to rent a car for a day?” Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference! We just need to seize the moment and “just do it”!

Ofcourse, he says that what they did for those few days doesn’t have an impact considering the over all problem! But the truth is far from it! Because everything we do has a chain reaction affect and every act of kindness results in another!

For all of you who have an idea or need a creative space to start just call Stavros or Maria and I bet you they will help you Launch!