Stefanos Prokos

The entrepreneur who stops at nothing!

Stefanos Prokos is one of those people that when they talk, you need to borrow a couple of more ears! Why? Well he talks fast but clear and down to the point with useful knowledge! And it’s not by chance that he is only 30 years old and has already given many lectures in the University and is a TEDx speaker!

I guess if I was to explain him in one word, that would be: Bulldozer! His passion and knowledge come from deep within him.

Stefanos has always had a passion for solving problems! He explains that from a young boy he used to work for their family business in the summer season and unlike most of the kids that would find absolutely any excuse to be lazy and skip it, he enjoyed every bit of it and also was super useful too! He would constantly find ways to do things more efficient!

After a few years working for different multinational companies in their marketing departments, he felt that he needed to do more! He wanted to solve problems and move on and not to get stuck in a routine job, day in day out! And coming from a self-employed family environment, he wanted to be his own boss and to be creative and innovative! So he tried marketing consulting for startups another few years, and that was when he came up with Vieno!

Vieno is an app that gives you a free drink EVERY night!!! Cool ha! So this way you find it easier to try new bars, restaurants and clubs! And no embarrassing coupon involved because your drink is reserved! I have already downloaded it and its super easy and user friendly and so much fun!

Together with Konstantinos, Panagiotis and George they are the co-founders of Vieno and also friends! Can it get any better?! He says that is a great feeling to work with a team of friends! "Ofcourse it’s not always rosy, and like every business and startup there are many problems that arise…"! And as a problem solving leader he takes on the responsibility and works with his team to find the best possible solution and fast! 

His advice for starting entrepreneurs in Greece, is to believe in Greece and to focus on agriculture and tourism! He says that he doesn’t believe that a startup needs any funding in the beginning but instead they definitely need guidance and knowledge from experts and mentors to keep on track and to grow!


Don’t love your product, learn to acknowledge its flaws. And start small… in order for your product to sell, you have to do it first yourself in the market!