Stelios Zacharias

The entrepreneur who took his small family winery from regional to international!

You know when someone loves their job and they have a twinkle in their eyes and are happy? Well Stelios Zacharias doesn’t just love his job but he is “in love” with it! He is among the few to continue his family’s business and also to love everything about it! What does he do? He and his 2 brothers run their family winery!

What use to be a small and regional winery in 1946, started with love by their grandfather and later by their father, has now one of the top Greek wine labels and has exports to many countries! And all this is a result of the love and dedication of his three sons Nikos, Stelios and Panagiotis… And truth be told, their father must be a very special man to trust and give space to his sons to take his “baby” and give it 21st century wings!

Stelios is in charge of all the marketing and new business and has done a hell of a job! All he sees and thinks is wine… he has gone against vastly known wineries in regions that have tradition in wine and hasn’t just made his mark, but is also promoting all of his district! The three brothers started working exclusively in 2005 and from a production of 10,000 bottles per year they have taken the company to over 200,000 bottles and exporting to 8 countries!

He is extra generous, funny, workaholic (and loves it!), smart and a forward thinker! Oh and he loves wine!!! I had the pleasure of meeting him in a beautiful wine bar and ofcourse tasting one of his brands called Amuse… which by the way was one of the best (if not THE best) Rose wines I have tasted, and an even bigger pleasure of receiving a free mini seminar from the source about wine tasting! And at all times he knew exactly what everyone was drinking and I am sure if he could he would definitely visit every table and treat them a glass of wine! And not necessarily his own brand, as his vision is to make wine a national drink in Greece!    

He also loves connecting people and he is very talented at it… he finds innovative ways to promote his wines through special events and tours to their vineyards, connecting people and having fun and drinking wine! He is truly a fun and inspiring entrepreneur and a must have friend! Oh and if he asks you what you drink... what will you say? … WINE!!! (not beer as I said!!!)