Susana Noemi Abigador

A beautiful TEACHER who shows you how to express yourself and be free through your body!

A lot of professionals start teaching what they have learned through the course of time with passion, and they transmit that perfectly. But as they get more known at what they do, and wanting to reach out to more and more people they kinda of bend their values and from being genuine and authentic they end up becoming faceless and hide their vulnerability and difficulties. And as a result, when a student gets closer to them they show their “guru” side and not their true side, disappointing them! Meanwhile if they had just been “human” and vulnerable, they would be unbeatable and unbreakable! That is the most striking thing about Susana Noemi Abigador… the way she is so open and human expressing her fears and difficulties, makes you feel you are at a presence of a REAL teacher and in fact by expressing her vulnerability she is super courageous and strong!

Ofcourse there are so many things that stand out with her… her wild and free spirit, her amazing Spanish accent, her super funny character, her soft soothing and at the same time powerful and loud voice, her welcoming heart and soul… She made me feel like I was home and had a dear friend over… when it was the first time I had met her at her house!

Susana was born in Argentina in a family with origins from Brazil, Egypt, Syria, Spain… and grew up in Argentina where it was governed by junta! She started working as a secretary and later as an executive secretary from 13 years old! You can only imagine how mature she was at such a young age! By chance she met someone who opened a window in her mind and realised that she could go and work anywhere she wanted, and so she left a month after and travelled to Spain. She started taking classes in Body expression “Expresión Corporal” and at the same time working there. She managed at the age of 24 to teach and her story of changing people’s lives through body expression started from there. After 8 years in Madrid she came to Athens, Greece and from what started as holidays, Susana has been living in Athens for almost 30 years. In the beginning, she had a difficult time teaching her lovely gift, as Body expression was completely unknown. Susana Noemi Abigador is a pioneer of this beautiful method of expressing yourself through body movement and till this day she has participated as a choreographer in many plays and many theatres and has taught in many respected drama and dance schools such as the Karolos Koun art theatre. In 2011, she published her first book, “When the body talks”, unique of its kind with exercises made by her after so many years of experience.    

Susana Noemi Abigador is woman all in one… When she talks, you can see a young playful girl, a vulnerable inspiring woman, a strong and respected teacher and a friend with open arms!  

You can also watch her TEDx Talks: When the body talks and Kids are teachers of body expression.