Takis Dimitrakopoulos

He is a winning breed of entrepreneurs!

Chameleon are known for the capability of changing their colour and let’s say blending in… Do you know which is the fastest in the animal kingdom? It’s the peregrine falcon… besides its speed, it is famous for its power to go high and dive deep… imagine how amazing it would be if we could breed these two animals together? (No… try not to actually imagine it!!! but just their characteristics…)

Well Takis Dimitrakopoulos would be a result of this breed! He is super flexible, evolves in every situation fast and he flies high and isn’t afraid to dive deep and get his hands dirty… and besides the obvious smart, passionate and all that comes with it, he is extra helpful and gives his time and skills to everyone he can in order to help! I think we should consider the octopus also in our breed!!! Oh yeah and he is extremely adorable with an Oscar winning super smile!

Takis having the virus of constant learning and gaining experience, he started working in his first year of University at the age of 18 at Entersoft, an enterprise software solution company. He started working in the customer service department, getting hands on experience on problem-solving and following things through. He worked his way up and held different positions, among many he also gained valuable experience in sales… He says it was a whole new experience trying to convince possible clients why they needed to stop using their software and converting into theirs! Ofcourse being only natural to him, he also exceeded in that department too! Takis after quite a few years working at Entersoft, he felt he had to move on to the real world of startups… where the real magic was happening in the US. Coming back from there and wanting to go back again he met with an old friend and the founding member of TripInView and found the startup he wanted to pursue and grow, right in his home country. Today Takis Dimitrakopoulos after being a part of bringing TripInView into life, he is their marketing and sales director. TripInView is a platform where you can find geotagged aerial photos and videos of the entire coastlines of countries that are “beach and sun” destinations! So next time you want to go to Greece or Spain or Italy or any country in Europe with a beach destination, you can see exactly where you will go, how close your hotel is from the beach or where you want to eat all before you get there and so much more!

Takis Dimitrakopoulos is a positive entrepreneur believing that the crisis has brought us a positive change as we have in our hands a clean slate to build on and we have new opportunities to make a change and start fresh! I am sure we will be hearing a lot from this entrepreneur!