Tasha Blank

A woman who revives and transcends you through her love and passion for music!

They say that when we are very young, we almost always know what we love…we always do the things we love…we imagine the world and life as a wonderland and without boundaries nor limits…our souls and spirits are very close to earth and the universe. But as we get older, we lose this beautiful connection with our heart, body and soul relying mostly on our logic, brain and our experiences so far! A few manage to tap back into their source and life purpose, and the beautiful Tasha Blank is one of them! Tasha is a woman that has questioned herself and life itself, to find out what she already knew at the age of 3; to make her life about dance and music!

Tasha Blank remembers herself as a little girl putting her stuffed animals in a row, while she would sing and dance for them… Or making an imaginary radio station with her friend, again around 3-4 years old, where they would perform and talk as radio host.! Adorable! As she grew up, she knew that it wasn’t going to work out for her and so she made herself believe that it was just a dream. In her time at University, and through critical and literary theory analysing reality and how we have constructed our reality, she started understanding that everything in our lives and our culture is all made up and it’s our creation. And asking, what is real in our lives… she realized that life is the force of creativity and what heals us and gives us energy! Tasha first discovered the real power of music and movement at Burning Man in Black Rock City Nevada! She says: “It was the most transcendent and joyful feeling I had ever felt!”. This free feeling of dancing in the desert led her to the path of Gabrielle Roth’s 5rhythms, where she discovered how to tap into the source of life and energy through freeform dancing.

She knew what she wanted to do… to share this gift with others through dancing parties. So, she found her first venue, a bowling alley, and hosted he first dance party! First time 10 people showed, the next a few more and so on! After a while, and having seen so many signs, she decided besides hosting parties, to also play the music and be the DJ! And she did… a known DJ that feels the music and her crowd!

Today, what started out as a way of expressing her soul, is a NYC must; The New York City's legendary after work party “The Get Down”. She hosts every other week, and soon every week, huge parties that “connect” people through real dancing… and I mean real, as people go there to let go and dance, not caring about looks or moves… but dancing from within… dancing with their heart and soul! And the most amazing thing is that on the huge dance floor, no mobiles or alcohol is aloud… you know why? Cause you go there, to JUST DANCE! Oh, and one more thing… she stops the music and through the microphone and with her huge crowd, they meditate with their eyes closed!!! Now that’s what a club should be like!

Tasha Blank has a huge beautiful smile… you can truly see her eyes light up when she talks about music… her work isn’t just about making you feel ecstatic through her music and dancing, but about connecting us with the whole… a harmonious place where we are all ONE and united with the source!

And her tip for us:

Just go for it… we fear the unknown, as our brain is made for protecting us and it identifies with the past and with our experience… so the best thing to do is to identify your fear and try to shift it and believe that what is out there is probably a million times better…