Tasos Smetopoulos

He has the power to bridge the gap in the lives of the people in need!

Who is Tasos Smetopoulos? A person with open arms… a man with a passion to give! He hugs you and you feel he will take care of you no matter what! I think what is the most beautiful trait in Tasos is that he treats everyone with love and respect, no matter your age, race or whether one is homeless! He is also very fun to be with as he is the heart of any group he is in.

He wasn’t always on the path to make a difference in people’s lives… He tried his skills in sports and music for many years. That was until his mother past away and caused him a big emptiness and a gap which led him to very dark roads… He became a drug addict and as we all know usually there is no way back! But not him… he had the strength to pull back and come to the light…

His experience in this tough phase of his life is what led him to become the person he is today! With a lot of soul searching he realised he wanted to give this strength to others in need and to be able to make a difference in their life. So he with the help of one of his school friends founded Emfasis foundation and started his journey of giving to the homeless and the people in need.

Today he has founded other foundations and organizations such as “the bridge” and “one Stop” and more on the road to come! He has a special talent doing social street work and I guess it’s his compassion and understanding that lets him communicate with everyone!

He says street work is his life and it all comes from the connection they make with the homeless… He doesn’t just help them by giving them food, clothing, medication and etc. but the most important thing he and the volunteers do is that they connect with them and try to understand why they are there and what led them into the streets… And as a result they try to find them a solution by first getting them out of the streets and secondly finding a way to rehabilitate them and give them the support to stand on their feet again!

He wants everyone to live their life consciously and be open to the different… break the borders and barriers that keep us apart… If you were thinking of giving and don’t know how to, then please get in touch with Tasos as he needs all the help he can get and believe me he is among the few who are actually doing invaluable work!