Tasos Vogiatzis

A man of many talents and a non-stop creating and innovating machine!

Tasos Vogiatzis is on a fast train for constant achievement… excellence is not a skill for him but an attitude! He is a pioneer… a man who doesn’t follow the trend but who starts it! He is a professional entrepreneur, always delivers and on time, punctual and precise, loves and notices details, a romantic and creative man who believes in his team and inspires them to be the best…

Tasos always had a love for computers and software programing… he actually made professional software from the age of 13! His other passion being music and combining both, he built his first website in 1996 when internet had just started getting known in some cycles in Greece! was the only music portal in Greece and among the very few websites worldwide! And he did this while he was in the University and later on in the UK for his masters. Today Avopolis is one of the highest visited portals in Greece! In 2003 he established with his partner, Nikos Chatzopoulos, a company that besides managing their own websites, they undertook designing other websites for clients and handling their contents, advertising and sales! Till this day they have designed from scratch many newspaper pull-outs in Greece! Brainfood has brought innovation in the advertising community by giving smart digital solutions staying ahead of their trend. They are a great team working to deliver on time and surpass their clients and readers’ expectations! Right in the middle of the economic crises and before many others, Tasos Vogiatzis and his team came up with a digital magazine,, for positive and inspiring people stories to change the negative vibe and to give hope to its readers believing that everything is possible!

I asked him how he feels today having achieved so much and his answer was that he feels he has only given 20% of him and there is so much more to do! He says, each time a project finishes he gets his thinking hat on again trying to find what else he can do to make it even better! He is also a devoted father and spends quality time with his daughter… he says she gives him a lot of strength when times are rough… but guess what as soon as she goes to bed he is back on the train of creating and innovating and making great to even greater!