Themis Vasarmidis

A creative entrepreneur and host who will blow your mind with his passion for quality, technology and taste!

Going against the wind is not easy and only if you have experienced it, you can know how easy it is to break and bend… to bend your beliefs… to give up and go with the flow. So meeting people like Themis Vasarmidis, gives me a lot of strength to keep walking and follow my heart! Themis Vasarmidis is an entrepreneur who exceeds your expectations and delivers beyond agreement… a gentleman with impeccable manners, polite, perfectionist in every way, super stylish and a charming smile that lights up the room making you feel right at home! He has managed to transform his life and his environment without changing any of his values in order to just blend in… and that is a rare virtue!

I personally believe that you are born as an entrepreneur and it’s something within, just like Themis… Having a passion for music and playing the guitar, he persuaded his friends at the age of 15 to start saving money for the next two years in order to start their music studio! And they did and quite successfully, by playing music but also giving their equipment for rent and making money at the age 17! An experience that taught him anything is possible when you go after it. Finishing is Bachelor’s degree in management and computer science, he decided to explore Europe through Eurail. Barcelona was the place that he fell in love with and so he applied for an MBA there being among the youngest applicants at only age 23. As you can only imagine, he decided to stay there and grow their family business, selling byzantine art and artifacts all over Europe! His journey growing his family business after many years of success taught him a great deal, but it was missing a lot at the same time. So, taking a huge decision in 2013, where the economic crisis in Greece was closing many business, he established the beautiful “The tin Pan Alley”; a unique minimal space for personal and business events with the latest technology equipment and extra high-quality services!

The Tin Pan Alley isn’t just a beautiful space… but a place that’s “opens up” and transforms with love and care… They use 3D projection mapping where you can integrate you company message or logo on their innovative and multiuse Tin Boxes; a box that is like a Lego where you can transform it in any way you like. That means that you do not need to bring any kind of decoration or pay any extra for printing as they can transform the place exactly as you wish.


Themis Vasarmidis didn’t just enrich his and his clients experience with all that they do at their beautiful space, but he also transformed their street and their neighbourhood! Themis has the deepest respect for his environment and its habitants! The neighbours love him and what he has done by decorative painting on the street walls, by keeping a clean environment, by respecting the neighbourhood harmony and so much more.