Theodosis Evaggelos Cholevas

A unique transformation of a talented choreographer; choosing purity and authenticity over materialism and “ego”!

How can you leave the stars and the clouds and come down to earth and build a solid path, when most of your life you have been praised and looked up to? When all the lights are focused on you pushing you further and further in the sky? When you believe your place is up there, when things just come easy to you, without much effort? But deep inside you feel the space under your feet and fear the deep fall…

I will tell you for a fact it’s a tough road, and one that very few people choose to take doing everything possible not to look down and stay up there no matter the cost! Today, I would like you to meet the very charming Theodosis Evaggelos Cholevas! A man who did come down and endured the fall to find his true self and he is only 28years old! I don’t know if you have met many professional dancers before, but he is one of a kind… he smiles and shines, listens to you and is truly interested in what you say, easy going, accepts you as you are… a trait he learned the hard way!

Let me introduce him to you from the very beginning… Theodosis was born in Thessaloniki, in a traditional family. And by traditional I mean at that time they had different views for their only son; to follow a solid path and follow a “classic paying career”! Ofcourse seeing his incredible talent and fast track to fame made them believe and support him.   
Nevertheless he says that all form of arts was what caught his attention. When he was around 16 years old, in a party some of his friends were amazed by his dancing skills and they encouraged him to look into it! And so his dancing career started that very same year… he joined a dancing school and being incredibly talented, that besides taking part in dancing contests after only a few month only he started teaching there in such a young age! After a few years Theodosis was asked to be one of the dance partners and instructors of the well-known TV show “Dancing with the stars”! Accepting this offer, Theodosis moved to Athens and started his journey there enjoying the “lights” and fame! After all TV is a huge thing! But that wasn’t all; being also a Zumba Jammer (Zumba Jammers are Zumba choreography experts who provide other Zumba Instructors with innovative new choreo, so they can improve, advance and spice up their Zumba classes) Theodosis was among the very few worldwide to be selected in the Zumba® Fitness Concert™ Orlando in 2012 and 2013 in L.A.! So you can see what I mean he was among the starts… this extreme highlight kept him up there for the next few years and together with a friend and later on by himself, established a lovely dancing school!

But Theodosis Evaggelos Cholevas was far from all that glamour and shine… he says, it wasn’t about him anymore! Transformation is for the ones who seek it, as it’s a painful process to endure… it’s about facing yourself and being happy with what you have from within and not through exterior factors! It’s about taking life as is, with its light and darkness, taking care of simple things that will keep you strong for you and not for others! This very talented man took a leap of faith and discovered his beautiful, pure and authentic self and today it’s not about whom he is or has been, but about sharing his love for dancing and body expression with ALL!

Theodosis Evaggelos Cholevas has opened his heart and arms to make room for everyone who wishes to love themselves and express their feelings through dancing… giving each day a little more from the  heart!