Tolis Aivalis

The consultant who can give your business wings!

Tolis Aivalis is the man you must talk to if you need to scale up and take your business to new heights! He sees every business as a challenge and always finds a way to motivate and inspire his clients and to show them the way up!

His time is gold and he doesn’t waste any minute of it doing what he loves and does best… and to give you an example of his commitment and passion in what he does, before I could feel my chair under me he asked me where do I want to take Crikos and how high! And that’s what a real consultant sounds like… by making everything about you and your vision and goals! He has the knowledge and international experience to scale your business no matter the size or the region.

He is extra charming and direct, sees the big picture, makes you feel special, cosmopolitan… and take the business part out of him, you find a sensitive and a romantic who loves music, dogs and is keen on adopting children… I personally do not know many men who would say that!

He started his career working for many large and multinational companies as their marketing and sales manager and is a pioneer in digital and social media marketing. He has over 17 years of experience in consumer & enterprise internet, social media, gaming, music, advertising, technology, media and mobile. He is a speaker, trainer and a successful consultant with clients from all over the world!

He loves being among talented people who are passionate about what they do and as charismatic mentor-trainer and a speaker he loves to inspire and motivate them to be the best at what they do. And as he says that is his moral reward and what motivates him to keep going! And to tell you the truth just by being around him you already find yourself a step ahead and feeling you need to do more!

He says when he stops dreaming big he will be dead! And his message to the world is ofcourse: "Think Bigger"... I sure am after our interview!!