Valentine Tzekas

Young and restless… an entrepreneur who has sold his first startup/app @ the age of 19!

They say “curiosity killed the cat” … well definitely not this cat! Valentine Tzekas is a young man who is curious about life and everything in it… and he doesn’t just observe and learn but he likes to get his hands dirty… Valentine says he broke two Gameboys as a kid, just to understand what was under the keyboards and what made it work! He sees the big picture and loves to get to the bottom line of things… he is very polite and genuine, with a heart of a young boy and the brains and maturity of a forty-year-old!  

Valentine Tzekas believes that a lot of what he is today has to do with his parents and how they gave him the right incentives and environment to explore and to be himself. His first passion has and still is programming and his second, is being a problem solver and an entrepreneur…! One day visiting the beach with his friends and observing his fellow students in how they would be busy SMSing other friends in trying to meet at a specific location and figuring who is where… he come up with the idea and app: Near- check who is nearby! And so, one year ago, he programs and builds this app and to only EXIT 6 months later with a great amount for a student by selling it!

He says before he decided to move on and sell it, he tried to run it himself by selling his personal items (laptops, books, gadgets etc.) to raise money for promotion and advertising… but he realised soon that there was much to learn for him out there and he needed to first build himself before he came up with the next big idea! And believe me he is very close to finding it… (stay tuned).


Seriously, if at the age 19 he has sold his first startup and has had a shot at being a successful entrepreneur, what will he be doing in his 30’s? And Valentine Tzekas is already being invited to speak for large audiences, to inspire students and young kids in how to be creative and motivated, achieving goals and to never take No for an answer! And did I tell you he is 19?! Yes, he is…