Vasilis Sinis

An entrepreneur with guts and reasoning… a man who will trigger you to bring your idea to life in the simplest way!

There are some people who you just can’t get enough of… people who trigger your practicality and your creativity at the same time, making you create new brain synapses! People who make your life easy, have a positive view on everything and no matter what comes their way, will turn it to their benefit! So today’s Crikos ambassador and the man with many talents, is Vasilis Sinis; a born serial entrepreneur who has a talent to see your problem as an opportunity and create the best possible solution for it! And you would expect a man like Vasilis to be fully stressed and busy, right? Well wrong, as he as everything under control, no stress, no time limit, he actually makes time for everyone and everything he loves such as playing basketball 5 times a week! He has it all figured out…


Vasilis was an A student but also very popular in school in everything and with everyone. You know like the handsome guy in 21 Jump Street! Going through a health struggle in his teenage years was what made him even more mature and active at school. He says he was the president of all of his school activities and made one million Greek drachmas out of selling goods in order to raise money for their class trips! When you are an entrepreneur you keep going no matter what… so following one of his passions, computers, he learned programming and started his own website company at the age of 18! A company that he still owns till this day and is his core business! But let me take you back again as there is much more to tell you… At the same age Vasilis, designed a blog that soon was the second most viewed website in Greece!

Marketing was his other passion, and he changed 3 times University topics, to end up in University of Piraeus studying marketing after all! A few years later Vasilis was offered to manage the famous “Mike’s Irish bar” and of course soon after he became a partner and a shareholder. As whoever meets Vasilis Sinis, wants to work with him, I sure do! :) For quite a few years, Vasilis was in the mornings a website and digital marketing business owner and at night a bar manager and co-owner! Through his stay at the pub, Vasilis introduced in 2004, a new concept to the Greek Athenian market; Karaoke nights! And as you can imagine was a huge hit! Also he organized many events and music bands through the pub. But also with his collaboration with the Delfinakia children’s event organizing and production company, they became quite the name regarding events. His company today is called Sinisgroup, as they offer many services.

If you think that’s it, well no… sit back and relax as we are not even half there yet! In 2015, he thinks of a great app called: Picbooster! An app that was something between Instagram and foursquare, where the logo of the place you are checking in automatically would be added on the picture you would take! He put together a team and in no time his startup app was self sufficient and making a good revenue.  They applied for an investment and were successful, getting over 1 million€! While waiting for the money to get deposited in their account and at the same time looking for their offices in Silicon Valley (as it was part of the deal), they realized that there was a delay… As a result, even though they had the green light, the investment fund backed out, telling them that it had nothing to do with their startup but with their own internal procedures. Unfortunately the delay was a reason for two of his top developers to leave, and somehow their amazing startup freezing! Now this would be the reason for many people to fall and not get back on their feet… But not Vasilis Sinis; A few months later, while sitting in his office and feeling hungry, Vasilis realized that he was spending a lot of money on take away and aside from that, he was eating a lot of unhealthy food! So what does he do? He starts his own healthy homemade food startup; Vagelitsa’s (a name taken after his mom, who also happens to be the head Chef!)! They have a different menu each day and deliver to your office “mommy-made” delicious food!  


Vasilis Sinis is a non-stop positive entrepreneur who brings out the best in everyone! He is open to all kinds of synergy and has so much to offer… he has a very wide range of knowledge and whatever he says or does is based on research and deep belief! One thing is for sure he will give you a new practical perspective and your ideas routes…If I was a young startup I would definitely seek him as a mentor!