Vassilis Bartzokas

The Dreamer, Doer, Motivator and a successful Entrepreneur!

I met with Vassilis Bartzokas in a lounge coffee shop, he was sitting at a large table where he had reserved for his many meetings for the day… as I walked towards him, he got up and greeted me with a big warm smile and made me feel right at home! But that’s who Vassilis is… Generous, Affectionate, Modest, Adaptable, Thoughtful, Optimistic, Straightforward… in one word, Gamatos… (you should be Greek to know that!!!)

The truth is that the list is long in every aspect of his life! He has truly lived his life to the fullest… 2 marriages, 3 beautiful sons, entrepreneur and founder of a crazy amount of business’s (all innovative and successful), restarted his life from scratch in Germany, is known in all circles and he knows all… I think the most fascinating thing about him is how fast he speaks and his genius brain that can multitask super successfully!!! For example, as he was narrating his life to me, he was at all times aware of his surroundings – checked his messages (discretely) – showed me many of his websites and videos of his work where playing on the background and AGAIN all this while talking!!! Well I was overwhelmed but fascinated!

Vassilis started his career in their family business, Carteco, a leading European company providing every kind of material for design and architecture. And it is one of the leading because of him and his skills, as during his stay till 2008, he lunched their company’s revenues 1000% while his time till 2008!

Wanting to make use of what he has always loved and been super at it, connecting people, he has established an innovative matchmaking company for award winning creative talents in many industries around the world! He is involved in many amazing projects (Startup Safary Athens,, Arkki School of Architecture for kids and youth, DESIGNEMBASSADOR.COM, Eso Conference for Architecture and design etc) and supports a lot of people keeping an open heart! Among many of his amazing work, he is also leading the projects at, an initiative of the G & A Mamidakis Foundation, a platform showcasing stories of charismatic Greeks through beautiful 3 minute videos with English subtitles.

Vassilis Bartzokas is a very sensitive and compassionate human being… he finds fulfilment in helping young entrepreneurs and talented people with passion for what they do! He introduces everyone talking highly of them and sharing their positive sides… And he is super accessible, on the contrary to many others in his position.

I definitely vote him as one of the best entrepreneurs of our times! He is a great person to meet and who would be more than happy to share with you his connections and networks.