Vassilis Dafnis

A man who achieved the impossible when faced with a dead-end and stayed kind and giving!

Change is hard… extremely hard… as our bodies and minds are designed to protect us from hardship and pain! But how do we deal with our heart and soul desires? How can we keep everything happy when we have two completely different ideas inside us? To do or not to do? And how often do we see people who undergo pain and hardship and completely ignore their computer-brains and bodies and listen to their heart and dreams? And to make it even harder… how many people do you know who after all this pain are still pure in heart, kind, super polite, extremely giving and foremost thoughtful? Vassilis Dafnis is this person exactly! He has such a kind face, a bit shy, polite as can be, a family man, a giver, and a heart pure like a child’s heart…

Vasilis Dafnis studied theology, taking after his grandfather. But even though he learned a lot, he believed he had to follow a different path. So, he left Athens and moved back to his home town and worked as a car salesman for many years. In 2012 due to the crisis in Greece, his employer decided to cut the salaries so very much, that Vassilis had to work a full-time job for under 400 euros! Something impossible to do when supporting your wife and baby! Vassilis Dafnis made an incredible decision to leave his job and the only kind of job that he knew how to do. He says the day he resigned, he went home with sweets celebrating and his family thought there was something wrong with him, as he should have been super sad and stressed! I sure would have been!

Trying to figure his next steps, he decided to get involved in agriculture and farms! Something he or none of his family and friends had any experience in! He rented a field and started to cultivate superfoods… but again without having any idea or money doing that! He remembers himself trying to water his plants covering 10.000 square meters with two 20liter buckets in his hands!!! By the time he would finish watering, I guess he needed to start all over again! He says he was the laugh of the town and probably the whole city! It took him two years to achieve his dream… he turned his life around by making a fam into a case study! He has many kinds of farm animals there and many people visit him from all over Greece to see his farm and crops and his success story! There is another thing behind his success ofcourse; His adorable and sweet wife, who has supported him all these years and their 5-year-old son… who has been part of their farm from 4 months! And he is like a mascot, as they take him everywhere with them, even in shows and business meetings! Who says family and work can’t go together???

Today his products, Berryland, include marmalades, sauces, vinegar etc. all made from superfoods (all kind of berries) and besides Greece are situated in over 14 countries! Vassilis Dafnis is a truly beautiful human being… in their lovely shop, they also sell products from other producers and guess what? They do not take any percent or commission on those products and all the money goes straight to the producer! Seriously who does that? Thank you Vassilis for your positive chain reaction!


When you give love and goodness you get back exactly that!