Vassilis Dimitriadis

A seeker of life and a man committed to make you feel like home by giving you his “heartly” attention!

As I have mentioned in other interviews, it’s very fascinating when I see people with a constant flow! What do I mean by flow? The flow of energy-life is in all of us… but some of us just let it run easy through us, never blocking it! People who are curious for life, people who have a magic way of making things happen and without a second thought! Vassilis Dimitriadis has one of the most important virtues; he knows how to listen to you! Feeling safe to open up your heart, he will most definitely never interrupt you and with his beautiful warm smile makes you feel nurtured! I remember leaving him and for the rest of the day feeling Zen as if I had been to a spiritual teacher!

As young child he says he always wanted to have his own business, even though having no one in his environment to take after. He says in his elementary school years, Vassilis together with a friend and in his basement opened a bicycle shop, selling parts and accessories to his friends!!! Entrepreneurship has no age! He graduated in a major he wasn’t really keen on; Food technology and processing. From 2002 to 2012, he worked in different organizations in many fields. And it was when he was let go from his last job due to the economic crisis cut downs that entrepreneurship was reborn in him! In that period, three of his friends, Andreas, Andonis and Varnavas, who were also in the same situation searching for their next step, they focused their attention to what they loved the most! Showing tourists the beauties of their City like locals and making them feel at home. After a year of planning, they came up with “Live in Athens” short stay apartments. They found apartments and spaces that wouldn’t get rented easily and had been in a bad shape, and renovated them into beautiful homey apartments. Today, they have 11 apartments and more on the way! Ofcourse it wasn’t as easy back then when they first started, as it wasn’t very known and the owners had difficulty trusting them with their property. But as Vassilis says, it was like magic how things came together, first the four of them and then one property after the other! At their very beautiful apartments they host from one day to months and years, not having to worry about bills or legal issues nor cleaning and laundry, as they take care of everything for you!

Vassilis Dimitriadis, has also a very sensitive and giving side… besides his love for making his enviroment green, without a second thought he volunteered to a beautiful project SpintheWheel, a organization with a vision to make our world an inspiring place to live in. So in July 2017, together with a large group of beautiful people, he cycled from Malawi to Tanzania donating stationary, notebooks and sport equipment to over 7000 children! He says going to Africa had always been a childhood dream and this journey made him feel fulfilled in every way!