Vassilis Giannakopoulos

The Godfather of Hope!

You know those people who can’t hide their passion and excitement, with a constant glow in their eyes? Well Vassilis Giannakopoulos is one of them! He has a kind face and the spirit of a dreamer who wants to make a change!

With a business and marketing background working in the Ministry of Labor, he felt he needed to give and do more…So he did a 180 degree turn and joined his brother George (as he calls “the crazy scientist”) and Vassilis Salapatas who established, an NGO for integrating science and technology in our everyday lives! Focusing on the disabled and less fortunate! And all they do is open source and free for everyone!

More specifically they develop cutting-edge information technology systems and freely offer them to all, including the design, the implementation details, and the support needed, in order to solve real-life problems.

They use their expertise in artificial intelligence and other technologies, and a strong network of collaborators (universities, research institutes, NGOs and companies) to collaboratively produce new solutions.

So they either develop and implement a solution themselves and offer it for free (e.g. they make electronic games for blind children!!!) or they develop and hand over to anyone interested to pursue it for themselves!

And last but not least, they have established SciFY Academy where AGAIN FOR FREE they organize events were they pass on their knowledge and know-how to whoever interested and act as a networking hub! To tell you the truth you name it and he with his team do everything possible to help you achieve it! You see why I call him and SciFY team the godfathers?!

So what keeps him going? His two kids being able to spend quality time with them in their world, he says. Also the joy he receives by being able to touch the life of kids and people in need, were without SciFY and its passionate and committed team they would be struggling even for the simplest of things like an educational game for a blind kid!

Vassilis and his team are true heroes! The world of giving is the world we need!

The message he would like to get across to us is to be humble and listen! And we don’t have to do big things to help and change the world, but to focus on one good thing and do it!

And to all of you who want to be part of what they do, you are very welcome to volunteer in many of their amazing projects! Their work is life changing!