Vassilis Polyzos

A young Gentleman who no matter what comes his way he turns it into success!

My journey till this day has had huge ups and downs, many falls, many achievements… I can say, it surely hasn’t had any “normal” pattern… Even till this day, most of my family and friends can’t say for sure where I am headed! So, you can imagine my surprise and excitement every time I meet young people who have a steady rising pace! And don’t get me wrong I do not mean he didn’t have challenges to overcome, on the contrary! Vassilis Polyzos has many different virtues… he is a knowledge seeker and knows how to move up the ladder of success with steady and calculated steps, due to his talent to commit and focus to each project he undertakes and with flying colors! Well It’s either that or his EXTRA charming kind smile…:)

Do you remember what you used to like as a toddler? Was it watching advertisements??? I have never heard a baby loving to watch advertisements while drinking his milk! Besides ads, Vassilis was also into basketball from the age of 7 and especially in his teenage years he has played in many teams and won a number of very noted trophies with his team! Basketball seemed to be his future also, when during a game he got injured and even though he recovered pretty fast, he never got to be the same after that. Now for most young athletes that would have been so devastating and the reason to not be able to get back on their feet… but not for Vassilis Polyzos; when life gives him lemons he makes lemonade! Even though he always had pictured himself as a professional basketball player, he never thought that after finishing his bachelors in business management he would continue for Masters in International Marketing and love it too! He did so well that his Master’s thesis was published at the International Marketing journal!

His Master’s thesis was about gastronomy tourism and after it being published by such a known and respected journal, Vassilis was asked to be the Ambassador of World Food Travel Association representing Greece! Keeping alive all the information he had gathered from the beautiful places and delicious tastes, he came up with TastyGreece; A community to grow food tourism of his country and showcase Greece through its delicious tastes!

And when I tell you he is a seeker of knowledge… he learned the art of making wine while he was in the army!!! And for a few years he was supplying his family’s wine! :)

After sending hundreds of CV for many positions, he started to get disappointed and believed that taking up another Master’s at Bocconi of Milano, was the next best step for him. But I guess he is so adored by everyone that fate didn’t want him to leave everything behind and for his luck, he got employed by OTE, and his career started to grow from then on! Till this day he has worked in many companies, such as Aldemar hotels, Nelios a respected digital agency and Obqo a branding agency where he is the head of business development and communications manager.

Through his career till this day he has brought significant change and growth to each and every company, giving all of his focus and attention while taking all the responsibilities on his shoulders. You can distinguish his reliable and trustable character in the first few moments when you meet him! But also, his impeccable manners... so admirable when you see young modern men with gentlemen manners!