Vassilis Trapezanoglou

The Father of IT in Greece… a man who believes in people and the importance of building teams!

Most of us believe or have many examples of people who are high up the management ladder, are either impossible to reach or will not open a door for you unless you are “like them” or have something significant to offer them! Well the truth is somewhere in between…or not? What I do know for sure is that Vassilis Trapezanoglou is definitely NOT one of the above! A gentleman of extreme politeness, accessible, knowledgeable and expert in many fields, genuine, down to earth and modest, a team-builder and believer. A supportive leader who focuses and takes into account his teams needs and supports them in every way. A man who while telling me his story, stressed the importance of his team in every project he has been involved in! Just like a father who trusts, protects and encourages his children, taking pride in them achieving their goals!


Vassilis Trapezanoglou born in Sochos, Thessaloniki, studied Mathematics in the Aristotle University and later Applied Informatics through scholarship at Grenoble, France. Coming back to Greece, knowing that he needed to have businessnowledge, he finished received a post-graduate in Regional Development at Panteion, Athens. He was among the first information technology scientists in Greece and helped many large scale companies in building their IT systems. He has a long career in many sectors and from his many years of stay in every company, you can understand how much important his contribution has been.

During his career he has assumed the responsibilities of IT Manager at Oil Refineries (ELPE, Motor Oil) and Xiosbank, of General Manager for Retail Banking, Electronic Banking (Winbank), IT & Organization at Piraeus Bank and of Executive Counsellor at Eurobank (IT and e-Business).
He has served as Chairman and/or CEO of IT and Services companies (LogicDIS, e-Solutions, Business Exchanges, e-Vision, Exodus, Piraeus Direct Services, ABC, Multifin, Sigma Securities). Member of BoD at DEH (2000-2004), Vice-President of TESYP, member of Investment Committee of TANEO and member of Executive Jury for European ICT Prize during 13 years. Member of BoD and President of EPY, the Greek Association of IT Scientists (1997-1986).
He has undertaken several innovative initiatives in the digital area and he is the author of the e-book “Innovation and Technology: The role of ICT for extrovert and customer focused business models”.

Believing in giving back to his community, Vassilis Trapezanoglou is a Mentor at heart! Since 2011 he supports, as a mentor, evaluator or judge, several initiatives and institutions promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship, such as incubators, accelerators, innovation competitions (Egg of Eurobank/Corallia, ACEin and e-nnovation of Athens University of Business & Economics, Innovathens of Technopolis). He is also a member of ICT Steering Committee at General Secretary Research & Technology.

Today, after so many years of heading huge projects and leading businesses, Vassilis Trapezanoglou is President and Founder of his company, DISC SA – Digital Innovation Services Center but also the Executive Advisor at Viva Wallet SA.

Vassilis Trapezanoglou is a mentor/teacher on so many committees and organizations and with such a compact CV, you expect him to brag about it or show off! But no, he is extremely modest and refers not to his achievements as examples (which are uncountable) but to many scientific publications as he loves to read and stay updated in every field. And that is one of his recommendations for us; to never stop learning and educating ourselves.

No matter what you do, be a person to trust and be faithful… together with your vision, you will have the keys to success!