Vicky Evangeliou

A successful marketer/mentor who can show you the way in finding your potential!

It is very touching when you find “self made-super experienced-high flyers” down to earth and most of all available! I have deep respect for senior executives who find time for sharing their knowledge and know-how… after all that is what a Mentor stands for! Vicky Evangeliou is a mentor… A woman who has carved her own path and the hard way…Straight forward and tough, knows how to get her way and deliver, and most of all she knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk! She has a warm smile and lovely blue eyes that makes you trust and follow her…

Vicky Evangeliou wanted to be a piano soloist and right before giving her final exams at the royal academy of music, she decided to change her path and study business instead. As besides her artistic side she always wanted to work in multinational companies, and she felt that, that would be a safer path to stand on her feet. So, after her studies she got accepted in Johnson & Johnson and at a very young age she was given the responsibility along with another colleague, to build the business unit of one of their top brands, Vision Care, from scratch! Vicky worked very hard and got up the ladder very fast, as she was recognized and awarded as one of the top 10 managers Worldwide and second in Europe!

After 8 years in Johnson & Johnson at the age of 29, she decided it was time to turn the page and search for new waters. During vacationing in Argentina with three of her friends and living a very dangerous experience, she came back to Greece having made up her mind to start her own marketing company, Marketing Lead. And she did with flying colours! A portfolio with many large multinational companies and delivering project all over the world. Taking the company to the highest possible, while the economic crises was hitting Greece hard, as you can imagine she didn’t just wait around to see her business die… she decided to take her laptop and visit Dubai to start her new marketing consulting company there. But sometimes things are beyond us, and therefore due to the situation regarding women not being at key positions and not getting the trust she expected to close the deals, she moved back to Greece. And by chance she ended up in a seminar about Greek Philosophy, were a new world of opportunities opened up in her creative mind! So today she has enriched her knowledge with anything to do with Greek philosophy and heritage and together with a team of experts, the have founded VSN Hub. They provide a wide range of services, but all to help individuals and businesses to reach their highest potential and all through Greek Philosophy!

Vicky Evangeliou is a professional who stops at nothing and lives her life around “change” … she is a true mentor, as she teaches what she has first conquered herself; elevating herself through change and always being ready for the next adventure!