Yannis Kalogerakis

The “Anthropocentric” Corporate Coach that works wonders with your employees!

Have you ever walked in a retail store and was amazed by their great customer service or entered a company and felt the positive aura and noticed the eagerness of the employees to assist you with their heart? If yes, then you should know that Yiannis Kalogerakis probably has paid them a “training” visit! He is a business/corporate coach and a motivational speaker with 34 years of international hands on experience! Yiannis is very expressive and you can feel his authenticity and his love for what he does… he will make you laugh and feel everything is possible… he has infinite examples of success stories and thousands of happy corporate clients, whom in the beginning the majority of his clients were pessimistic and sceptic about the nature of training and coaching for their employees and if his work actually could make an impact in the company’s revenue…! And of course he exceeded their expectations!

Yiannis Kalogerakis has coached and trained many industries management teams, from Pharmaceuticals to hairdressers on behalf of multinational cosmetics and beauty companies… but for him its all about the people… he focuses on the “Anthropocentric” corporate coaching and is a strong believer of: Happy employees = Happy customers = Successful company! And is very successful at it… he has the talent to communicate with each and every person, no matter their culture, their spiritual beliefs or their origin! And I believe that’s because he is very genuine and pure and truly wants to see happier people with responsibility and love for their jobs!

Yiannis with a great number of different kind of academic degrees including M.Sc. & Ph.D. in engineering and robotics, started his career as an engineer and was very successful at it… but the science of the human psychology and how to motivate people without materialistic incentives fascinated him and soon enough became his passion! He has corporate clients all over the globe and is also a lecturer in a many colleges and Universities worldwide!

He is also a very spiritual person and a family man… even though he says laughing, that his most difficult clients are his wife and son! I definitely vote him one of the best and devoted fathers, as he has given his son a tremendous amount of invaluable experience and knowledge by taking him to many of his speeches and travelled with him to many countries meeting so many people!

Nothing stops Yiannis Kalogerakis… definitely not age… as he is like a 20-year-old in energy, technology knowledge and funny as can be… He has magic ways in transforming company employees to do their best and give their 100% and love it!